Disposable E-pen – 150-200 puffs of our 20mg CBD, Terpene profile using our Sativa formulation
1 ml Atomizer – 20mg CBD, Terpene profile using our Sativa formulation.



RELIEVE: “To free from a burden; give help or aid to”.

Our specially formulated Relieve gives you all the benefits of the magical plant Hemp condensed into our proprietary formulated oil manufactured in Italy. Our PhD Biochemists have selected the most perfect blend of ingredients for your application. Relieve comes in two amazing flavors…don’t be fooled by the taste, Its in there!

The blend of hemp extract and more than 10 specific terpenes for relief of pain, inflammation and stress.

1200 total milligrams in a 1oz bottle (30ml)


  • Hemp extract oil 40mg/ml
  • Terpene profile 2%
  • Olive oil, Grape seed oil

Recommended Dosage:

1 ml (droper) per day / 30 day supply

Sublingual Use – Place one full dropper under tongue for 90 seconds or more.

Choice of flavors:
Sweet Orange & Olive Mint