Jon has 8 blue marbles and 4 red marble sin a bag. he took 1 marble from

Jon has 8 blue marbles and 4 red marble sin a bag. he took 1 marble from the bag na fthen a second marble without replacing the first one. assuming a red marble was selected first, what is the probability that jon selected a red marble both times

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Solution 1

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Since there are 12 marbles in total, he takes only one of them. 

4/12, and he gets a red one. 

If he doesn't replace the first one, the next one would be 3/11. The probability that Jon selected a red marble both times is 1/11.

(I kind of forgot this lesson, but here's my guess.

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Mark made a business trip of 250250 miles. he averaged 50mph50⁢mph for the first part of the trip and 60mph60⁢mph for the second part. if the trip took 4.54.5 hours, how long did he travel at each rate?
Solution 1
I think he traveled for 2.5 hrs at 56 mi/hr
A line contains the point (8, 5). if the slope of the line is 5/7, write the equation of the line using point-slope form.
Solution 1
First of all, you organize all of the info that you're given. We know that the points are (x, y). Therefore, 8 is x and 5 is y. 5/7 is your m, since m represents the slope. 

x = 8
y = 5
m = 5/7
b = y-intercept, which is the missing info

Then, you put it into a multi-step equation.

The slope equation formula is y = mx + b. Now, we solve for the equation.

y = mx + b

5 = 5/7(8) + b (missing info is the y-intercept, so that's why it stays as "b")

5 = 5/7(8/1) + b (any whole number converted into fractions always have a denominator of 1)

       5 = 40/7 + b        At this point, since 5 as a fraction is 5/1, you need to 
-40/7   -40/7 + b        multiply the numerator and denominator by 7 so that 
_____________      you're able to subtract 40/7 from it. So, 5 x 7 = 35 and 
                                   1 x 7 = 7, giving you the fraction of 35/7. 35/7 - 40/7 =
-5/7 = b

Finally, you've got all the info you need to write the equation. As a result, you just substitute the letters with the numbers:

m = 5/7
b = -5/7

y = 5/7x - 5/7 
I hope I helped and that you understood my explanations! :)

A normal distribution has a mean of 0.40 and standard deviation of 0.028. What percentage of observations will lie between 0.372 and 0.428?
Solution 1
To evaluate for P(0.372<x<0.428) we shall proceed as follows:
z-score is given by:
thus when x=0.372:

when x=0.428
P(0.372<x<0.428) =P(z<1)-P(z<-1)=0.8413-0.1587=0.6826
What kind is seafood do weight lifters like best
Solution 1

The ideal supply of building blocks for a weightlifter's body would be protein.

What is Protein?

The body requires three macromolecules: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Protein is a component of cell growth. The weightlifter has to bulk up, and the majority of the protein that makes up muscle fibre is protein. In actuality, an animal's meat or muscle is its primary source of protein.

Living things contain chemical molecules called proteins. They perform several different tasks, such as organizing, transportation, and defence. A protein can have up to four different structural levels and is made up of chains of amino acids. Examples of particular proteins are collagen, insulin, and anticorps.

Thus, the ideal supply of building blocks for a weightlifter's body would be protein.

Learn more about Proteins, here:


Your question is incomplete, most probably the complete question is:

A weight lifter needs to build muscle mass. which macromolecule would be the best source of building materials for the weight lifter's body?

Solution 2
Um... what are the choices because i know quite a few weight lifters who dislike seafood
You wish to invest $500. You are going to earn 5% simple interest. How much interest will you earn?
Solution 1
You would earn .05 x $500 or $25 over that time period.
Solution 2

Answer:You would earn .05 x $500 or $25 over that time period.

Step-by-step explanation:

Linda has completed 24 deliveries so far this week. she needs to make 40 deliveries for the week. what percentage of her deliveries has linda completed?
Solution 1
Linda would have completed 100% after she makes 40 deliveries. That being said, 24 is part of that 100% percent but we don't know the answer yet, so we represent that unknown percentage with an "x"
Therefore, 40 = 100% and 24 = x%
Your equation then is:
 \frac{24* 100}{40}= 60
That 60 is the 60% of completion. 
Suppose you want to organize a community watch, one from each street. you have 5 volunteers from maple street and 3 volunteers from elm street. how many permutations do you get?
Solution 1
There would be 15 different options for the community watch.

One one side there are 5 volunteers and on the other side there are 3 volunteers. You just have to multiply 5 by 3 and you get 15 different options.
The diameter of a bowling ball is 12.57 centimeters. What is this value rounded to the nearest tenth of a centimeter?
Solution 1
For this case we have the following numerical value:
 12.57 centimeters
 We note that the number is rounded to the nearest hundredth.
 If we want to round the number to the nearest decimal we must rewrite the number.
 Rewriting we have:
 12.6 centimeters
this value rounded to the nearest tenth of a centimeter is:
12.6 centimeters
Solution 2
12.6 cm is the correct answer.
An engineer is planning a new water pipe installation. The circular pipe has a diameter of d=20\text{ cm}d=20 cmd, equals, 20, space, c, m. What is the area AAA of the circular cross section of this pipe?
Solution 1

Answer: The answer is 314.28 cm² (approx.).

Step-by-step explanation:  Given that an engineer is going to install a new water pipe. The diameter of this circular pipe is, d = 20 cm.

We need to find the area 'A' of the circular cross-section of the pipe.

Given, diameter of the circular section is


So, the radius of the circular cross-section will be


Therefore, cross-sectional area of the pipe is

\textup{A}=\pi \textup{r}^2=\dfrac{22}{7}(10)^2=\dfrac{2200}{7}=314\dfrac{2}{7}=314.28~.~.~.~\textup{cm}^2.

Thus, the answer is 314.28 cm² (approx.).

Solution 2



Step-by-step explanation:

what is the 14 letter word with the definition of an example showing a statement is not true. it is c--n-e-t--m-l-
Solution 1
The word is counterexample.
Your second t is incorrect.
It should be an e.