A persuasive speaker who appeals to listeners' need for creativity, personal

A persuasive speaker who appeals to listeners' need for creativity, personal growth, and self-fulfillment is targeting which level of maslow's hierarchy of needs?

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The correct answer is self-esteem. This is defined as how an individual reflects in regards to the overall subjection emotional evaluation on oneā€™s worth and it is the decision of one in regards to how he or she acts towards self.

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Amber considers herself outgoing, upbeat, and talented. she also defines herself as an american, a biologist, and a musician. the first three descriptors represent her _____, and the last three represent her _______.
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The correct answers are personal identity and social identity.

Personal identity is defined as the concept by which how a person develops oneā€™s self or evolves over the course of oneā€™s life whereas social identity is how oneā€™s identity is being shaped with factors such as group, class, or family.

Who are rome's present rulers and whom do they agree to kill?
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The rulers of Rome included senators such as:

Marcus Brutus, Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus and Gaius Cassius Longinus, who were all powerful men.

All of them together agreed to kill the King of Rome, Julius Caesar.

This was done in response to the growing popularity and power of Julius Caesar which many of these men did not like.Ā 

In the aftermath of the assassination, the murderers were spared by the Senate through a compromise which would keep most of Julius Caesar's appointees within the senate.

The lure of power left many mouths shut, which, to modern historians means that the there was a widely accepted conspiracy against the king.

According to the model of memory proposed by atkinson and shiffrin, the _____ is a memory system that can hold about seven items for about 30 seconds.
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Implicit memory is the perfect answer
According to psychologist ________'s sociobiological model, individuals with borderline personality disorder inherit a tendency to overreact to stress and experience lifelong difficulties with regulating their emotions. support for this model comes from twin studies that suggest borderline personality traits are substantially heritable.
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I believe the answer is:Ā Marsha Linchan

According to her model, both normal and people disorder would experience stress in their life. But the main difference is the magnitude.
The same trigger for stress that only evoked small response for normal people would create a exaggerated effort for people with the disorder.
Solution 2

the answer is Marsha Linehan.

Further Explanation

Marsha Linehan is a psychologist, teacher, American writer, and creator of behavioral dialectic therapy. he is a theoretical and treatment model developed for patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) in which behavioral therapy techniques are combined with principles of accepting reality that originate from Zen and dialectical philosophy.

However, this woman still has a past stigma with BPD, burn scars and wounds on her arms are proof. In the past, Marsha was a very severe prognosis patient who was hospitalized for 26 months.

The feeling of chronic emptiness, emotional instability and the need to please others becomes a real nightmare for those suffering from BPD. Actually, your identity continues to depend on other people's ratings. So the fear will be abandoned so that they can experience that even sometimes, by accident, they end up provoking it.

He wants to make sure therapy can enable patients to get new behaviors and learn to react differently. However, people who are very suicidal generally "fail" in their attempts to overcome the disorder too often. Marsha's approach imposes new reasons: the behavior of these people is largely logical in the face of suffering.

Marsha chose to treat people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, characterized by dangerous behavior, including self-destruction or self-injury. He did it in the form of reciprocal "contracts" with these people: they must commit to attending the therapy to the end to have the opportunity to live.

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A group of conservationists encourages their community to save water by using low-flushing toilets or faucets that release more pressure but less water. which social movement would this represent
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A group of conservationists encourages their community to save water by using low-flushing toilets or faucets that release more pressure but less water represents the reformative social movement .
This group is dedicated to carrying outĀ revolutionaryĀ reforms which means that is reformative.Ā 
According to kohlberg, a person who is faced with stealing something that will save someone else's life and who bases his or her decision on a universal moral principle that is broader than the rules of the particular society in which he or she lives in order to live up to his or her own moral principle is in the ___________ stage of morality.
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I believe the answer is:Ā postconventional

the postconventionalĀ stage of morality, Individuals would start to develop the awareness that they are a separate entity from society and they do not have to fully conform to society's standard.
During this stage, those individuals would start to form and hold on to their own principles.
After several highly publicized instances of deadly shark attacks, many people stopped swimming in the ocean. it appears that vivid media coverage prompted people to use _____ to judge the probability of death by shark attack.
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The correct answer is availability heuristic. This is defined as a mental shortcut by which it relies on examples that are instant or immediate or in other terms, the thought that is given immediately on oneā€™s mind in regards to engaging of evaluating a certain information.

A _____ is usually a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist who has received additional training in using the specific techniques of the form of psychotherapy originated by sigmund freud.
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The correct answer is known as a "psychoanalyst".
A Psychoanalyst is a person, who studies psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is described as a series of theories and healing techniques (therapy) which is associated with the research of the unconscious thinking/mind of a person, which together form a technique of remedy for mental-health problems.Ā 
A ________ exists where a person holds a position of trust that requires that he exercise judgment on behalf of others, but where his personal interests conflict with those of others.
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The answer isĀ "Conflict of interest".

A conflict of interest refers to an circumstance to which a distinctive need contending hobbies or loyalties.It can exist done a large number separate circumstances. For example, a judge who standards once an instance directing, including a cor to which he alternately she claims stock need has a conflict of interest.Ā 
Those vicinity of a conflict of interest may be autonomous of the event about shamefulness. It decides in the open circle primarily concentrate on fiscal connections since they are moderately more objective, fungible and quantifiable furthermore as a rule include the political, legal, also restorative fields.Ā 
A legal petition requesting that a judge examine whether an individual is being properly detained in jail, prison, or mental hospitals is called a(n):
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The correct answer is habeas corpus. This is defined as a recourse in a law by which a person can report in a way of having to show an unlawful detention or request a court order in the custodian of the person or even an imprisonment to a court.