A new fence is constructed on three sides of a housing block with area

A new fence is constructed on three sides of a housing block with area 240 m2. the fourth side facing the road is left open. if 52 m of fencing is used, what are the dimensions of the block?

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Solution 1

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Suppose the side parallel to the open side be y m and each of the other two sides be x m

area is given by:
re-writing the above we get
factoring the above we get:
x=20 or x=6
if x=20, then y=52-40=12
if x=6, then y=52-12=40

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69 for sure. Too easy give me something harder
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$1.25 is the answer

10/8=1.2 working out
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If you divided $10.00÷8 is (D) $1.25
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1 revolution of a circle = circumference of that circle.

1 revolution of a circle with the diameter of 28 inches = πd=28ππd=28π inches. Hence, x revolutions per second = 28πx28πx inches per second = 60∗28πx60∗28πx inches per minute.

Given that 60∗28πx=35πn60∗28πx=35πn --> n=60∗28πx35π=48xn=60∗28πx35π=48x.
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Students should not file the profile any later than TWO weeks after the earliest priority date specified by the college or the program.

The deadline that is given by most schools and universities to file the profile is about 2 weeks or 15 days or a fortnight. This needs to be done well before the deadline so that the school can give you the estimated financial aid package in case you are accepted to the school

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Solution 1

Answer: The possible source of error in this activity is " the accuracy of making and recording measurements"

The height of each and every student in the class has to be taken very accurately. Even if there was a single error in either making the calculation or even recording it, the average height will take a hit and will result in the entire exercise being a failure.

Hence, it’s very important to accurately measure the height and record and even have a second person do the same activity so that the numbers recorded are accurate.

Solution 2
the accuracy of making and recording measurements.
A bathtub can be filled in 8 min. it takes 12 min for the bathtub to drain. if the faucet is turned on but the drain is also left open, how long will it take to fill the tub?
Solution 1
Time taken to fill the bathtub is 8 min
time taken to drain the bathtub is 12 min
fraction of bathtub filled in 1 hour=1/8
fraction of bathtub drained in 1 hour=1/12
fraction that will be filled in a minute given that both taps are opened at he same time:
thus time taken for the bathtub to be filled is 24 min
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Solution 1
Given that the ratios between 3 numbers is 6:5:1 and the difference between the largest and the smallest number is 30, then the numbers will be as follows:
difference in ratio between large and smallest number is:
largest number=6/5*30=36
medium number=5/5*30=30
smallest number=1/5*30=6

Answer: B.36, 30, 6 
David, Egil and Frances share money in the ratio 2:7:9. David gets £25. Work out how much Egil and Frances get. Please help. Needed for tomorrow.
Solution 1
Money is shared among David, Egil and Frances in the ratio 2:7:9 and David gets £25, thus Egil and Frances will get:
(ratio of Egil to David)×(Amount David gets)

(ratio of Frances to David)×(Amount David gets)

Food costs are expected to rise 6% each month for the next year. which series correctly depicts the cost (to the nearest cent) for the next three months if the current cost is $150 per month? $150.00 + $159.00 + $168.00 $150.00 + $159.00 + $168.54 $159.00 + $168.00 + $177.00 $159.00 + $168.54 + $178.65
Solution 1
Increment = 6% = 0.06
The explicit formula for the series is;
C(n) = C(n-1)(1.06), where n = nth month, C(n-1) = cost during previous month, C(n) = cost in month n

Applying the explicit formula;
Current cost = $150
2nd month cost = 150*1.06 = $159
3rd month cost = 159*1.06 = $168.54

The second option is correct.
Solution 2
According to edjenuity, the answer was 

D. $159.00 + $168.54 + $178.65
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Solution 1
  3 + 4 = 7
  7 + 4 = 11
11 + 4 = 15

So from the pattern here, we need  to add 4 to term to get the next term.

So the remaining three terms would be
15 + 4 = 19
19 + 4 = 23
23 + 4 = 27

Hope this helps.