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Innovative Health Labs is a brand fueled by scientific research and patent pending, proprietary nutraceutical formulations for a variety of health related issues. The patent-pending formulations were created by world renowned scientist incorporating the highest quality ingredients that have been clinically tested for efficiency.

Innovative Health Labs has a team of scientists who are focused on these specific areas of research and development based on the view that natural biological medicines have an important and positive role to play in alleviating symptoms and assisting people in dealing with a variety of health related issues. These patent-pending nutraceutical formulas are created with the highest quality organic compounds available and are so unique and revolutionary, patents were filed with the U.S. Government to protect IHL’s intellectual property.

IHL Illuminated display for retailers
Clinically proven cbd oil

As a Retailer, here is what you get:

    1. Product Guarantee:  We provide you a total guarantee, and if any specific product does not sell, if all else has been exhausted from a marketing standpoint, we will credit back all unopened products in exchange for other products of your choosing of equal total value.
    2. Website Listing:  Upon becoming a retail seller, your store and address will be listed on our website.
    3. Find Retailer:  Your store will be included in the “Find The Nearest Retailer” section of our website for consumers to identify who you are become your customer.  
    4. POS Materials:  You will be provided all marketing & POS materials, including poster(s) and counter cards at no charge.
    5. Illuminated Displays:  For opening orders of $400, or more, an illuminated display will be provided free.
    6. Rewards:  Semi-annual contests and giveaways to the top 5 retailers in sales.  Packages from trips, cash, electronics, general merchandise, travel & hospitality, gift certificates, etc.
    7. Apparel:  Apparel to be provided at no charge for reaching sales benchmarks of $5,000 and greater with additional amounts of apparel corresponding to each sales level at $7,500 and $10,000 such as IHL t-shirts & polo styles, hats, sneakers, etc.
    8. Referral Program:  For each referral of another retailer, and upon their ordering, you will receive 10% of their order as a credit discount on your current/future orders while those specific retailers remain active.
    9. IP formulations:  IHL will share IP formulations in person (not to be kept by retailer) for extra confidence.
    10. Samples:  Sales (face to face) will be given samples for testing on site.
    11. Interactive Support:  Secured login for retailer feedback, needs, concerns, general sales updates, what is selling, order more POS materials.  
    12. Constant Communication:  We will call on retailers weekly to get feedback on sales and general acceptance of IHL products.
    13. Trade Show Support:  Once you’re an established qualified retailer for at least six months, we will provide you material support for any local trade show you participate in, including banners, posters, and samples at no charge, and in certain cases, IHL personnel can possibly be present, subject to availability.

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