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Essential oils have extremely compact molecules with each drop containing tens of millions of molecules (approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body). They are so small that they enter your body through the skin and disperse throughout your entire system.

IHL Oraganic Compounds


IHL’s patent-pending nutraceutical formulas are created with organic compounds that are the highest quality ingredients available. IHL’s nutraceutical products are created by world-renowned scientists and have been clinically tested.

Some of our finest best organic sellers are- Quit, Relax, Libido, and Euphoria. These all are zero-nicotine products that are specially designed to quit smoking, relief from anxiety, improve low libido, and give you natural high and a lot more. These organic compounds are researched and created by the highly qualified scientists that have performed various tests to cater you the best experience. Buy these nicotine-free organic compounds that subsume high quality essential oils that have extremely compact molecules and being this small, they can penetrate through your skin and disperse throughout your system, alleviating the disorders.

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