Focus – 20ml



FOCUS is a patent-pending formulation blended with essential oils which provides an ability to sharpen mental acuity, increased concentration, and improve cognitive activity, while also providing increased alertness which can reduce lethargy and attention deficits.

400 total mg / Pure High Strength CBD Crystal Isolate 20mg / ml, with Zero (0 grams) of THC.

Before these products hit the market, they are subject to human testing for efficacy. See our COA & Test Results by clicking the appropriated images attached to this product.

Available in a 20ml bottle
Flavor: Eucalyptus
Consumed by pulmonary inhalation.


  • 99+% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Crystal Isolate
  • Natural and organic plant terpenes and essential oils
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycol
  • Natural and organic aromas and flavorings


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