Consumer Awareness

Do you know where your CBD comes from? Are the products you’re buying proven to be of the highest quality, clinically tested and safe? Many CBD suppliers and product companies are making false claims, cutting corners, not dosing properly and falsely saying things like 100% pure and no THC. Why do they do this? That answer is obvious. Those unscrupulous individuals are purchasing inferior grade CBD at a very low cost, thus increasing their profit margins. They often disregard purity, safety, correct dosage, consistency, and perhaps even violate federal law….to them, these things don’t matter.

We suggest, before you make a purchase decision, you call the company and ask for proof of GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and ISO 9000 Certifications, their Certificate of Analysis Reports, Lab Test Reports, R&D information, and are clinically tested for safety and efficacy. Know what you are purchasing because anyone can go to a computer and create these things, but at least you are becoming a smarter consumer. This will be valuable information for you to use in your decision-making process.

IHL will gladly supply you with this information even before you make a purchase. Please be aware and educated so you can purchase the right product for your needs. We at IHL not only adhere in selling high quality and clinically tested CBD and nutraceutical products but also want to keep our customers vigilant of low-quality CBD and false individuals. You must have a legitimate proof before in taking any sort of product, after all it’s the matter of your life and of course “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”.

Ask, Analyze and then only Shop!

clinically tested cbd products


Innovative Health Labs is a brand fueled by scientific research and patent pending, proprietary nutraceutical formulations for health and wellbeing. The patent-pending formulations were created by world renowned scientist incorporating the highest quality ingredients that have been clinically tested for efficacy.

Innovative Health Labs has a team of scientists who are focused on these specific areas of research and development based on the view that natural biological medicines have an important and positive role to play in alleviating symptoms and assisting people in dealing with a variety of health related issues. These patent-pending nutraceutical formulas are created with the highest quality organic compounds available and are so unique and revolutionary.


Our biological cultivation practices in selected farms throughout Italy starts with selecting the right seeds for the best industrial hemp.  Through decades of harvesting, the seeds for the most fertile and best yielding hemp plants have been discovered and are used today for growing the finest industrial hemp in the world.

This industrial hemp is grown on pedigree farms in the same regions in Italy where the best grapes are grown for some of the finest wines of the world, and also where the best olives are grown for superior olive oil.  These regions have the most conducive climate, soil and ambient temperatures to grow truly superior agricultural products, and a magnificent crop year over year.

The harvesting process incorporates traditional practices and World Health Organization guidelines for quality control with “good agricultural and collection practices” (GACP).

The CBD research and growing of the industrial hemp is done in conjunction with both, Departments of Medicine and Science at the University of Salerno, Italy.  Chief Researcher Giuseppe Bifulco, a student of Professor Rafael Mechoulam (the father of therapeutic Cannabis in Tel Aviv) heads up all the studies with his university team of researchers, resulting in new pharmaceutical specialties.

IHL is proud to offer you nearly 100% Pure CBD Crystal Isolate with NO THC, processed by an alcohol extraction method from pedigree hemp biomass in ISO9001 Certified facilities while observing all “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP).

A talented team of professional scientists have succeeded in completely eliminating THC from hemp to produce CBD in its purest form and is certified non-GMO.  IHL’s CBD is greater than 99% Pure Crystal Isolate

From the origins of the beautiful agricultural landscape in Italy, a variety of therapeutic and wellbeing formulations are created and manufactured exclusively for IHL’s customers.  These CBD formulations are the highest available in quality and purity.