Before I Tell  You The Legality Of Cannabis In The United States, Let’s Talk About Cannabis :

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis or CBD is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant which has tremendous health benefits and helpful in removing or reducing various problems. CBD for sure is the second most prominent component found in the cannabis plant.

CBD has so many tremendous health benefits such as:

  • CBD helps you kick off your smoking habit
  • CBD oil reduces nausea and vomiting
  • CBD prevent the growth of tumor-related cancer cells
  • CBD oil helps in anti-inflammatory and pain relief
  • CBD treat the various malignant tumor
  • CBD protects the brain from various type of neurological disorder ( Depression, Anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Alzheimer’s etc)
  • CBD lower down the incidence of diabetes
  • CBD promote cardiovascular health


8 Things You Must Be Know About Cannabis :

cbd plant

·       There are two species (or subspecies) of cannabis known as cannabis sativa or cannabis indica.


·       Cannabis Sativa L produces 2 plants : Marijuana and Hemp.


·       Both the plant’s marijuana and hemp produce cannabinoid (CBD)


·       The marijuana plant consists THC more than 1%, the psychoactive cannabinoid, and it gets you “high”.


·       The hemp plant contains THC less than 1%,(usually up to 0.3%) and do not get you “high”.


·       Hemp produces more CBD than THC while marijuana produces more THC than CBD.


·       Hemp is completely legal as it is not considered a drug


·       Hence CBD does not have any intoxicating effects and completely 100% safe to use.


Do You Know CBD Works Differently Than THC, Here How?

Do you know so far of the 100 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Hemp, And cannabidiol(CBD) is the most abundant and best understood?

Cannabinoids are a class of compound unique to cannabis Because they mimic the body’s own endocannabinoids, they are able to interact with our endocannabinoid system and neurotransmitter release in the brain.

Here, we took a look at the major differences :

  • THC Dominates Marijuana, CBD Dominates Hemp

Both types of Cannabis plants ( hemp & marijuana) consist of THC and CBD in various concentration. THC is more plentiful in marijuana and CBD is present in higher quantities in hemp. The hemp plant contains THC less than 1% well below the psychoactive threshold and does not make you “high”. Hemp produces more CBD than THC, however, hemp is dominated by CBD and also an ideal source for CBD oil.

  • THC Activates Cannabinoid Receptors While CBD Does Not

All cannabinoid, including plant, derived compounds like THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system through its two receptors- CB1 and CB2.

 (Endocannabinoid system is a biological system of the neural network found on the central and peripheral nervous system that regulates essential human functions like pain, mood, digestion, appetite, sleep)

THC is found to be an agonist of the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors as it binds with and activate them.

CBD is considered an indirect antagonist of cannabinoid agonists, it blocks the two receptors CB1 and CB2. Thereby suppressing the CB1 and CB2 activating qualities of cannabinoids like THC.

  • THC Can Cause High While CBD Can Not

 Being the consumers of cannabinoids, you always want to know whether THC can cause you a high or CBD.

THC is psychoactive, It is the cannabinoid that is responsible for eliciting the euphoric effect when you consume medical marijuana.

On the other hand, CBD is non-psychoactive. No matter how much you consumed, CBD can not cause a high, in fact, CBD comprises suppresses the psychoactive properties of THC.

  • THC Has Side effects While CBD Does Not Has

CBD is well tolerated even in large doses. Research suggests that CBD does not have any side effects apart from the fact that if CBD has a drug to drug interactions with any other medications you may be taking then it can do harmful for your body.

On the other hand, THC cause some of the side effects such as :

  • Increased heart rate
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Memory loss
  • Slower reaction times
  • Coordination problem

The use of THC may be connected to long-term negative psychiatric effect and this is especially for the adolescents who consume a large amount of THC in their daily lives.

Apart of these big differences in CBD and THC let me aware you with some more facts and figures that help you take THC and CBD for the right cause :


Produces a “high”


Side effects


Showing on a drug test




Decreases seizures


Increase appetite


Reduces anxiety


Eases migraines


Pain reliever


Reduces nausea



Almost none



















Psychoactive side effects

















Now Let’s Talk About the Legality Structure of Cannabis In The United States  :

Leagality of cannabis in US

The issue of legality for both CBD and THC in the united states are evolving regularly. Under federal law of the united states, All forms of Cannabis is illegal to use, sale and buy. Under the federal controlled substances act of 1970 as a schedule, I drug cannabis (legal term marijuana) is prohibited.

All forms of cannabis are illegal in those states that haven’t legalized it.

Therefore, There are 20 states including Washington or D.C., have passed laws for cannabis to make medical marijuana with a  high level of THC legal.

Remember, Only a licensed physician can prescribe marijuana.

In addition, 9 states plus Washington, D.C., have made recreational use of marijuana and THC legal, it still remains illegal federally ( Under the federal controlled substances act of 1970)

Where shall I buy CBD?

In states where marijuana is legal for the recreational or medical purposes, You should be able to purchase cannabinoid (CBD) legally. In some states, the Legislature has passed laws that make cannabinoid ( CBD) for medical purpose legal.

States Where CBD Is Legal For Recreational Use :

Cannabis plant including Both marijuana and hemp are completely legal for medical and recreational use in 8 states as of 2018.

These 8 states are :

  • Washington
  • California
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • Alaska
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon


States Where CBD is Legal For Medicinal Use :

As of 2018, There are a total of 46 states including the 8 state mentioned above, where CBD is legal with a prescription for medical usage. Not although CBD usage is for legal in these states, the law varies from states to states, with 17 states who are having specific legislation for the THC level found in CBD and the condition being treated with CBD.

These 17 states are :

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

The other 29 states that fully legalized the medical use of all CBD products derived from either hemp or marijuana are :

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington and West Virginia

The territories of Guam and Puerto Rico also allow the use of CBD products on medical grounds.

Must Remember :

Before you go to buy either product, be aware of your state laws. If you possess cannabis-related products in a state where they are illegal or do not have a medical license in states where the products are legal for medical treatment, you could face legal penalties.



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