Insomnia Disorder: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Insomnia disorder symptoms causes and treatment

Had no sleep last night? Or a week has passed and you had those sleepless, dreamless nights? Is it been weeks of dreaming something fascinating? One complete sound sleep no longer exists? Then it is not something you should overlook!

Scientifically, it is termed as insomnia. It is a Latin word which means “no sleep”. Up to 40% of the population experience it every year, still it is overlooked by most of the people.

 Insomnia Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Insomnia is a vast term. On listening to this word, the first thought that comes to your mind is having no sleep, insomnia means no-sleep. It is true that it is the inability to sleep but it just not stick to the quantity of sleep that whether you are able to sleep or not, it also incorporates the “quality of your sleep”. It is no wonder that people are unable to have a quality sleep. Now what exactly, I mean by quality of sleep?

You must have observed that you wake up irregularly many a times during your sleep and not actually able to have a sound sleep. This is exactly what is a poor quality of sleep!

No matter how much you try to have a sound sleep, you end up staring at the ceiling or watching the fan rotating with wide eyes open!

Types of insomnia

Now again, insomnia isn’t just one specific! You can observe some different types of them. It’s basically segregated into 3 types:

1. Acute insomnia

This type of insomnia is basically a short one and is thus known to be as short-term insomnia. This happens usually because of a life event that might have taken places such as detained from your job or any other such a stressful event.

This type of insomnia is usually resolvable without any treatment.

2. Chronic insomnia

This type of insomnia is a long-lasting one. Thus, referred to as long-term insomnia. In this type, the person is suffering from insomnia for months.

To be more specific, if a person isn’t able to sleep for more than three nights a week and its lasting for three months or longer then you are suffering from chronic insomnia.

3. Maintenance insomnia

In this type of insomnia, the person is unable to have one complete restful sleep. People suffering from maintenance insomnia wake up at night and are then unable to sleep thereafter.

Insomnia Causes

You must be wondering what could be the reasons for those sleepless nights? What are the insomnia causes?

There could be several possible reasons for the sleeping problems you suffer daily. It may be because you are taking too much stress or maybe some underlying health problem or even it could be a possible misuse of a drug. Here, I am going to help you out with some of the probable reasons that could be behind the improper sleep.

1. Stress

Stress could be one of the reasons for your sleepless nights. You actually don’t get to realize but you take the stress. It could be due to any of your reasons, maybe stress at work or at home. Stress disorder is one of the major reasons affecting your sleep. You keep on thinking about your problems and sleep is nowhere near.

Some stressful situations can be losing your job or some marriage problems or family or such. These situations don’t let you sleep and all you could think about is them, resulting in sleeping problems.

2. Medication

Medicines interfere with your sleep. They alter the way your body would function and thus interrupts your sleep. Medicines’ that of heart or asthma or any antiepileptic any antidepressants or any sort of allergy medicines can cause sleeping problems. Even your prescription medicines can affect your sleep.

3. Health problems

Some of your underlying health problems could be the reason for your improper sleep. Respiratory disease, hormonal disease, cardiovascular disease, headache, chronic pain etc could result in such sleeping problems.

4. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine

Caffeine, mostly found in coffee, soda, and energy drinks can help you stay awake for long. But it disturbs the sleeping cycle as well and can cause such sleeping problems. Alcohol may help you fall asleep but it can affect your sleeping cycle as well and can cause midnight waking ups.

Nicotine, found in cigarettes can also affect your sleeping cycles. Smoking late night has negative effects.

5. Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is another major reason for sleepless nights. Problems at work or at home make you anxious and can result in no sleep.

Here, I have listed above, all the possible reasons or causes of sleepless nights. And by now you must have understood what is your possible reason for not having a proper night of sleep.


There are many treatments in pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals for insomnia but we are going to tell about the most common and best treatments for insomnia.

1. Counseling sessions

Sleeping problems usually occur due to any stressful incident happened which no longer let you sleep. It is best to share your problem with someone one who patiently listens to you.

The counseling expert will, in turn, suggest you some best solutions or methods which you should try to reduce your stress level.

2. Sleeping pills

Another solution for your sleeping problems could be pills. People prefer having sleeping pills to get sleep. You must consult a doctor before taking them. There can be side effects to them as well.

3. Lifestyle

Lifestyle greatly affects your sleep. Don’t sleep too much or too less. Going to bed early and waking up early results in sound sleep. Eating healthy also improves your sleep. Watching TV, reading or eating late night affects your sleeping patterns.

4. CBD oil

CBD oil is another great treatment for your sleeping problems. CBD oil is a naturally occurring constituent of the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive which will not only help in quantity sleep but also in quality sleep.

Insomnia is basically a common deal for many but becomes alarming when it lasts longer. Insomnia causes are many. It makes you lethargic and no zeal is left.

You must adopt one way or the other if your sleeping problems are lasting for months. Ignoring them could have bad consequences.

Written By:- Astha Garg



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