Difference Between Cheap and Expensive CBD Oil

difference between cheap cbd oil and expensive cbd oil

What is The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive CBD Oil?

When people talk about marijuana, then it sounds taboo in some parts of the world thinking that its illegal and stuff. But then in different parts of the world, you can find that marijuana happens to be treated for various medical treatments that give relief to multiple people across the world from deadly diseases.

Therefore, the dosage of marijuana can vary from person to person such that the way that marijuana intake can also differ from the condition that the person might have.

Hence from the various methods of giving marijuana as a medicine, CBD oil is one of the many ways through which people can find some amount of relief in the condition that they might have.

CBD oil is nothing but the oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant of marijuana and then refined in various concentrations such that you can use a particular amount of dosage as prescribed by the doctor to treat the pertaining disease or condition in your body.

But then all is fine and good until you come across the various brands that make the same oil and rate it differently amongst several people.

Needless to say, that getting any of CBD oils can be very difficult as it might be illegal actually to sell it and some manufacturers might have priced it extremely high.

Therefore, for an ordinary man, it’s highly unlikely for people to go out in the market and buy it. There are so many pricing differences that you might start to wonder which one is the best that you could have.

Usually, its priced somewhere in the middle but then can differ primarily due to the extraction phase of the overall oil. Some might be relatively cheaper than others while some might be very expensive.

All this have their way of affecting the total cost of CBD oils. Hence to clear this doubt in your heads as to why it might cost this cheap and some costing the same as gold, in this article we have some valid points that could answer almost all of your questions. Hence without further ado, let’s get cracking.

What Makes it Expensive or Cheap?

When you consider any product that requires some amount of processing, then certain costs provoke or alters the overall value of the commodity.

Such factor not only makes it relatively cheaper or expensive but plays a crucial part in the overall pricing of the final product. Hence like these, some many different things play their hand in the overall pricing of the total commodity.

The main and the most prominent part in the manufacturing of CBD oil is the raw material that you need to manufacture the product. This raw product is nothing but cannabis plant or also known popularly as marijuana.

Finding legally grown marijuana might be very hard and, in some countries, its banned to have the product. Farmers have to grow it on their costs, and any damages would not be paid by the company.

Hence no one prefers to take up marijuana plantation. Therefore, you never really know from when and where you might receive your next shipment of marijuana.

But then wait, there’s another problem if you happen to manufacture CBD oil in a country where cannabis is illegal to grow then what could be done?

Import of marijuana from other countries occurs to be the only solution that can give you the freedom to have stocks of marijuana. But then even for importing raw materials, you will have to go through several custom duties along with government paperwork, etc. so get ready for a painful task of getting it from another country.

That was one part of the overall cost that adds up in buying CBD oil. Another part is the extraction phase or the crucial phase from which we get the CBD oil. Needless to say, that the overall extraction phase depends upon several aspects.

The machinery and the procedure through which you might extract it play a vital role in the overall factor of getting the right kind of CBD oil. Other than this labor and the location along with machinery also play a big difference in the overall cost of the product.

Therefore, finding the right place along with the right people is hard in the economy, but once you get it, it’s a journey that might give you some amount of peaceful times.

But nothing stops after extraction; you need to remove all the toxins that you might find in the oil that has been extracted. Well, cannabis plants while growing suck in several deadly toxins that need to be adequately removed such that nothing happens to you when you are being treated with that particular CBD oil.

This part of the entire manufacturing phase of CBD oil plays a crucial role in the overall pricing mechanism of the commodity.

Purifying the oil is very difficult and requires a lot of staff hours and proper nurture and care to keep the concentration high and keep it to the standard where it can be used.

Furthermore, testing the overall product to determine if it is worthy of medical treatment takes in another significant chunk of the whole pricing scheme of the product.

But then generally speaking CBD oil is very rare and you might not find it commercially as it hasn’t been thoroughly tested and also not been approved by many hospitals or doctors all over the world. Majority of the countries don’t allow the usage of CBD oil and thus making it very rare in the end.

But seeing the medical improvements and the treatment ability that it sports you can say that manufacturers sure can make a large sum of profit out of each bath of CBD that they might manufacture. The scarcity of the product also makes it equally expensive when compared to the overall demand.

Why the Difference Occurs?

Well when you take a cheap CBD oil manufactured by some company somewhere in the world, then you will find some exciting things that might make you feel like you got scammed. Cheap CBD oils are never safe to consume.

You never know what you are taking in that can provoke the condition that you have or cause death in the end. They have no rules and regulation of manufacturing the overall commodity.

No proper purifying and testing to check whether it has any poisonous chemicals or anything like that. When tested, some cheap CBD oils had no concentration of cannabis at all.

Also, the original composition of CBD oil is the marijuana or the cannabis that you use. High quality often gives you the best results, but to save costs and gain profits, substandard cannabis is used to provide them with that profit margin.

But on the other end of the spectrum, the expensive CBD oil is nurtured with proper care with proper processing and precise manufacturing of the product.

Everything that they do is legal and have designated documents to prove that their actions are nowhere against the law. They sell the goods with proper documentation and through verified sources to keep them free of any law related problems.

Hence the overall composition of these kinds of CBD oils has higher concentrations of cannabis or marijuana elements such that it can make a huge difference in the application of medical treatment. Also, when checked, it was found that the THC compounds were also relatively low thus giving substantially greater therapy in curing several conditions.

What Can You do As a Buyer?

Research is the central area where several people lack doing. This is one of the main places where you have to spent a reasonable amount of time to know where you are getting the bang for your buck.

Stay away from the ones that might try to scam you off your money. Prefer choosing the expensive one as they are beneficial in the long run. Though they might be costly, a one-time investment saves your life.

Therefore, it’s worth every penny. Stay away from cheaper ones and check for all kinds of ratings that the product has gone through.

There is a specific certification that issued for each commodity that has been verified by a particular board for medicinal purposes.

But the main thing that you might have to do before buying any kid of CBD oil is the checking of documentation and verification of the product whether it is legit or just a counter fit to scam you off your money. Never buy CBD oil through third party sources.

Buy it through the correct channels and through authorized dealers such that you get the right kind of stuff and nothing that will cause some immediate side effects and even death at times.

Paying a bit more will help in the treatment of your condition but going for something cheaper will relatively take your life. So, choose the one that suits you the best and ensures to check in with your physician or doctor to assist you with what is the best CBD oil to buy and go for it. All the best and do the needful.

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