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CBD oil success story

How Cannabidiol improves lives:

 Cannabidiol(CBD) is the most abundant nonpsychoactive cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant lacks the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and has many potential medical uses, also help to treat various health problems. CBD for sure is the second most prominent compound found in the cannabis plant.

Here are Some Key Health Healing Benefits of Cannabis:

  • CBD helps to kick off your neurological disorders.
  • CBD oil reduces nausea and vomiting.
  • CBD oil helps in anti-inflammatory and pain relief.
  • CBD fight like a warrior in the battle against cancer.
  • CBD prevent the growth of tumor-related cancer cells.
  • CBD lower down the incidence of diabetes.
  • CBD promote cardiovascular health.
  • CBD protects the brain from anxiety, depression, stress and other mental traumas.
  • CBD help in quitting your addictive smoking habit.
  • CBD reduces the problem of insomnia and helps you have a relaxing sound sleep.

Some Important Facts About CBD vs THC

For only these reasons, breeders have started to create more strains that are low in THC and high in CBD which is used to treat psychotic symptoms, anxiety, depression, nausea inflammation and other medical issues.

Here Are Some Success Stories of CBD in which CBD Fight like a Warrior, From Treating Multiple Sclerosis to Enhancing Love Lives:

CBD plant

CBD Success Story of PTSD:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which occurs after a distressing event or a person had a terrifying experience, such as violence, abuse, injuries, rape, or natural disaster and cause symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

One PTSD sufferer, Ben Nichols, uses cannabis to treat his condition. Ben has had PTSD since age nine and also deals with insomnia and ADD ( Attention deficit disorder).

Since Ben started medical marijuana treatment, Ben’s insomnia and anxiety attacks have gone away. He says CBD oil help him in his school, work, and relationship and aids him in facing his mental trauma.

This little plant cannabis has changed the livelihood of Ben Nichols in a positive and beautiful way and become the success story of treating his PTSD disorder.

CBD Success story of Dravet Syndrome:

How CBD becomes a lifesaver from dravet syndrome survivor

Dravet Syndrome is known as previously severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy (SMEI).It is one of the forms of epilepsy which cannot be treated with traditional medications. It is a rare genetic dysfunction of the brain begins in the first year of life of a normal child with frequent or prolonged seizures.

Here are some common issues associated with Dravet Syndrome :

  • Prolonged seizures
  • Chronic infections
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Delayed language and speech issues
  • Movement and balance issues
  • Behavioral and development delays
  • Growth and Nutrition issues

One such success story of CBD involves a 6-year-old girl Charlotte  Figi who, at the time, was the youngest person in Colorado to apply for medical marijuana treatment.

The girl Charlotte Figi had been suffering from Dravet Syndrome, After had a long fight with the disease, Charlotte’s parents were told by the doctors there was nothing more the hospital could do for their daughter.

They had all but given up when her father found a video of a boy who had successfully been treated for Dravet Syndrome with cannabis. It took some hard efforts, but finally, the parents found the two doctors to sign off on a medical marijuana card for their daughter.

They tried the treatment and to their surprise and elation, it worked very well for Charlotte Figi. The treatment was so successful and groundbreaking that the strain Charlotte Figi used was named Charlotte’s Web.

CBD success story of Anxiety

Anxiety is a psychological or physiological state which is capable of affecting your cognitive process. Simply put it is a feeling of concern or fear, the brain uneasiness, displeasure that makes a person feels tensed or stressed out.

Following are the symptoms of anxiety :

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Jelly legs or weak legs
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart Palpitations

A family Success story for anxiety and depression

Kila Blakeley has a 12 years old daughter who has suffered from severe depression and anxiety for about a year now. She put her daughter into counseling and after seeing the severe condition of her daughter, the counselor recommended to getting her daughter to a doctor or psychiatrist because of how severe her depression and anxiety had become.

Kila Blakeley took her daughter to a primary care doctor and right away they put her on antidepressants. Kila noticed that since putting her daughter on the anti-depressants the week before, Her condition is getting more spoiled, she had gone from bad to worst.

The counselor advised Kila to take her daughter to the hospital immediately so that she could be admitted for treatment. Kila took her daughter immediately and they admitted her to a psychiatric hospital for a week.

While she was there she was switched to another antidepressant after coming home Kila noticed that the antidepressant her daughter was on, was causing her to act extremely apathetic.

Kila saw a post from a friend that CBD  oil is very effective in treating anxiety and depression, Immediately Kila stops antidepressants for her daughter and tries CBD oil instead.

After having the CBD oil just for a  week the difference in the condition of her daughter was almost day and night. The happiness and joy of her daughter back in her life, she is back to having friends constantly, being crazy with her family and keeping a smile on her face. For Kila, CBD oil is a little blessing that turns her daughter depressed life into a happy one.

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CBD Success story for Beating Cancer :

Cancer is the result of mutation of genes responsible for the growth and health of the body.

Most common type of cancers involve :

  • Breast Cancer- Breast cancer is the malignant tumor that occurs in the mammary cells of a human body.
  • Prostate Cancer- Cancer in a man’s prostate, a small walnut size gland that produces seminal fluid.
  • Ovarian Cancer- A cancer occurs in the female organ that produces eggs (ovaries)
  • Lung Cancer- Cancer that occurs in the lungs and most often occurs in people who smoke.
  • Colon Cancer- A cancer of the colon or rectum, located at the digestive tract’s lower ends.

Also, there are many more types of cancer occurs in the human body such as Basal cell cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, Melanoma.

Trevor Smith

how cbd help in cancer disease

 Photo credit- Pinterest

Trevor Smith was diagnosed with bladder cancer at the age of 52. His urologist recommended chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery which would remove his bladder and prostate.

Before committing himself to those course of action, Smith and his wife Carole looked into various alternative treatments to get his bladder cancer cured. Trevor Smith changed his diet, begin taking natural supplements and eventually, he tried  Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Gradually his condition improved and he opted to not have chemo, radiation or surgery anymore. By the year February 2014, After had two years of the initial diagnosis.

Smith had undergone two consecutive cystoscopies that have shown him that he is completely cancer free. Now, Smith is completely healthy and living his life energetically.

Smith Thanks to cannabis with the bottom of his heart to give him a new enthusiastic life.

Glenda Diltz

how cbd help in cacncer disease for glenda

Glenda Diltz had a stage IV Colorectal Cancer which she has treated with the combination of cannabis oil and chemotherapy.

Earlier she was on traditional therapy that caused various devastating side effects, but as soon as she put herself on cannabis oil it magically relieved all of the devastating side effects of traditional therapy.

Unfortunately, Her cancer has become the worst when she signs off to cannabis oil, yet cannabis oil relieved her pain but due to late stage of cancer and complication in the treatment, Glenda Diltz has passed away in  21st June 2014.

CBD Success story of Chronic Pain :

A girl named Lisa suffered from a broken neck from a terrible car accident when she was 19 years old since then she was suffering from a chronic neck pain.

She had gone through from bad to the worst condition due to that chronic pain. One day a friend suggested her superior CBD oil for her chronic pain in the neck.

She started taking it right from the day she purchased it. A few days later luckily she notices the huge difference in her condition. CBD oil ease her pain by relaxing and releasing her also changed her mood both energetically and emotionally.

Lisa has been having 20 drops of superior CBD in the morning, twice a day. It’s been life changing for her.


We can say that CBD enhanced the quality of life in a very magical way. The popularity of CBD products has been surging quickly everywhere. This little plant cannabis is a magical blessing for Improving the health of people suffering from various disorders.

Nowadays It says that there is a God in the shape of Cannabidiol(CBD) to protect the people from bad to worst and make their life relaxing and beautiful.

Written By: Swati Bachchhas




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