How CBD Does Effect on Dopamine? CBD Effects on Brain

How CBD does effect on dopamine

How CBD Does Effect on Dopamine?

Cannabis is known to instigate a flood of laughter and happiness in a person. This can be understood why people often take marijuana and feel good thereafter.

This marijuana contains THC which triggers the psychotropic activities inside a person’s brain. THC, however, doesn’t account for the whole cannabis plant or its family. It’s just another complex compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant and used to smoke a pot or make a spliff.

The effects of THC on the brain make the brain go stoned out and the person acts under the influence of it. CBD, on the other hand, isn’t much like the THC. It’s extracted from the same parent plant but is rather known for a wide variety of medicinal properties. It’s not unknown for a fact that it can bring a lot of aid to the humankind.

It must be brought to your notice that CBD can interact with our brain nerve cells as well which makes is psychoactive but distinctively as it does not alter the perception of reality of the person and does anything that other ‘psychoactive’ drugs do.

Moreover, there are discussions going on about how it can also be a receptor for dopamine and responsible for alteration in memory and brain development. Let’s find out more about it.

CBD and Dopamine

Dopamine is basically a neurotransmitter which gets released every time a person does something that makes them happy or satisfied or when anything good happens to that. It gives that ‘good’ feeling or sensation to a person and hence is also accountable for the addiction to something like sex or any substance.

CBD is believed to have a direct interaction with the dopamine receptors in the brain and mimics them. This causes a person to feel light, better and have an improved mood and reduces cravings.

Dopamine is also released when we anticipate some good things to happen and hence makes us feel excited and happy about it. It gives the sense of achievement when a good task is done and basically our brain’s way of appreciating us for working out the task or achieving a goal and these can be very little things that you do yourself even on the daily basis.

CBD and Memory

CBD working on memory


There are fewer speculations on the fact that marijuana can bring about impairments in the memory of a person. People who are high every time or most of the times have reported having a bad memory than before they used to take marijuana.

The THC is quite an obvious reason for it but when it comes to CBD, the results can be the opposite. For people who do not take any marijuana other than medical marijuana, which is CBD, it can work as a brain protector for you.

We have come across a lot of researches that indicate that CBD is perhaps the memory protector. This can be backed by the general uses to CBD, which goes up till the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

These diseases have majorly occurred around the memory loss in a person and researches have seen that many of such patients turn to the CBD for the treatment of their memory impairment. In a study conducted by Tim Karl and Carl group, it was found that CBD promotes neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is basically the growth and development of neurons which fundamentally reduces the deterioration of cognitive functions which included memory in it.

There are times when people undergo a traumatic event which incurs them brain damage and memory loss too. A study administered for eight months found that CBD treatment helped to prevent the social recognition memory deficit to develop in the person’s brain.

It can protect the person from suffering any kind of memory loss which can probably happen due to some trauma.
For people who also take marijuana with the medical form of it, there’s a good news for you too. The effect of CBD and its function of acting as a neuro proctor in the brain can negate out the effect of THC in your brain. To summarize, it can slack out the effect of THC in your brain which can cause memory loss and save you from a dull memory if you are taking both drugs in combinations.

CBD and its Effect on Brain Development

However organic and in-toxic the CBD may be, there are various effects that it can have on the brain and the neurological functions of a person, for a good effect.

A lot of medical benefits of the CBD have already been known through researches but as it’s still not explored till its full potential, there are many other things to be discovered yet. The effect of CBD on a person’s brain development is still undergoing a lot of research but there’s still some possible effect that the researchers have concluded.

Acts as a Protector

As discussed above, CBD can act as a neuroprotector which explains why it saves the brain from hampered memory due to THC or any other memory deficit diseases. It can be a savior even in the cases of Alzheimer’s or dementia. It also protects the brain nerve cells from getting destroyed due to the side effects of taking marijuana.

It was found in a study that involved animal’s models of brain injury that CBD can increase the number of viable brain cells and also reduced the number of injured brain cells by 50%. The U.S department of health and human services has also obtained a patent in the year 1999 for the neuroprotective effects of the cannabidiols.

Fight Anxiety and Depression

Many people rely on THC or marijuana to help to deal with stress and anxiety. While the high can help you combat the situation of the time being in a pretty well manner, it can also trigger and make a house for anxiety in many people.

Also, the side effects of THC are well known and inevitable. CBD however, can help the person to deal with these kinds of situations even when they are suffering from any kind of anxiety disorders. In a study on the human brain, researchers used imaging scans to understand which part of the brain is involved with the CBD’S anti-anxiety effects.


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It was found that the cannabidiol when taken, cause the blood flow to hush down a little and makes the blood flow reduced down in the regions of the brain that are specifically linked to the stimulation of anxiety.

Hypothalamus is one such region which becomes overactive when the person undergoes any anxious situations and releases hormones that can make it better. CBD deal with this situation from the root cause and let the hypothalamus be quiet and normal even when the person is anxious. The effect of the cannabidiol also showed a reduction in the anxiety scores of the participants of the study.

The medical marijuana is also known to be a pretty well anti-depressant. It acts on the serotonin receptor which is responsible for the hostage of depressive symptoms. It targets the specific serotonin receptor which is the 1A receptor. The serotonin basically is responsible for the regulation of hormones like cortisol and oxytocin, which are further responsible for metabolism and reaction to stress and social behavior, respectively. The cannabidiol enhances the release of serotonin.

Treats Seizures and Epilepsy

There are not a lot of medical treatments which can bring about positive changes in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy, to deal along with. Many epileptic patients turn themselves to the medical marijuana for their treatments.

There was a case of a very young girl named Charlotte who was suffering from Dravet syndrome which is the very severe form of epilepsy. At one point, she used to suffer about 300 grand mal seizures a week. After she was put on a dose of the CBD, her seizures showed a drastic slow down in only about 2-3 months.

To understand how the CBD works, first, we need to understand why the seizures occur in the first place. The brain cells in the epileptic patients or any other patients having seizure become abnormally excited and cause the brain cells to seize due to this overactivity.

The CBD exerts an anticonvulsant effect by lowering the degree of excitation that these brain cells shows and hence prevents more seizures from happening. It enhances the release of the neurotransmitter GABA which can inhibit the seizures from occurring.


Along with all these benefits and developmental contributions, the cannabidiol is already well known for its anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects. It relieves pain and also reflects anti-tumor effects. It can also contribute in the brain rejuvenation and brain growth. There is research conducted by a Canadian research group that reported that it promotes embryonic and adult hippocampus neurogenesis and produce anxiolytic and antidepressant-like effects.

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