Can I Give Human CBD Oil to My Dog? Is it Good or Not ?

here is an answer of your question which is can i give cbd oil to my dog

Can I Give Human CBD Oil to My Dog?

We all have somewhere felt the pain of seeing our loved ones going through pain. It’s shaking and mentally exhausting to encounter our close ones not being in a state of complete health.

However, it can go even worse when your sick friend can’t speak and barely express how he’s feeling about his situation.

All the people who have had pets even once know this feeling and if you’re specifically a dog lover, this article is just for you. Nothing can beat the human-dog bond and the trustful relationship they share with each other.

Loving your dogs unconditionally pays off just with a warm hug you get from him after returning back home from a long day. We live for that kind of love, don’t we?

Those who have a fluffy friend at their home knows that keeping that little creature healthy and running around all the time can get a bit tough. You need to safeguard them with utmost care, nutrition and of course, muckle of love.

People spend thousands of bucks to make sure they get the best food and vet services for their pet and justified so, they need much attention than that. However, not a lot of dog owners out there are aware of this incredible medicine that can keep their pet from all the diseases and other abnormalities.

As the researchers are getting interested in digging-in more about CBD, fortunately, a lot of researches are also coming up about its health benefits on dogs. Before moving any further, let’s take a look at what CBD is and what’s the hype about it?

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is basically an extracted compound coming from the Cannabis plant. Sure you must have heard a lot about Cannabis but this, my friend, isn’t what you may confuse it with!


CBD oil is proved to be a medicinal blessing which can eradicate those anxiety waves, nausea, inflammation, sleepless nights, arthritis and even cancer out of your body. It contains <0.1% of the THC compound which is enough to advocate for the fact that any form of CBD doesn’t contain anything to make you go buzzy.

As we have discussed, CBD can bring about a lot of assistance in retrieving and maintaining good health which is why it’s available in varied forms to make it easier to use it.

The most preferred form is to get a bottle of CBD oil which can be conveniently availed from the online as well as offline drug stores, pharmacy, and other stores. Since the awareness has been on a rise, more and more people are inclining towards getting themselves a dosage of CBD oil.

While there are some specific uses of CBD oil for a human body, it’s now being a matter of discussion if it’s equally good to serve it to the pet dogs or not! Let’s find that out in the next section.

Is CBD Good for Your Dog?

To say conclusively, the answer is ‘Yes’! You can totally rely on your CBD drop to work as good on your dog as it did for you. After all, you want all the best things in the world for him, don’t you?

Here is a comprehensive elaboration about why CBD is good for your pet and how should it be administered?

It takes very little for our pet to feel happy and uplifted all the time. Small belly rubbing sessions, playing with woof balls and napping around with them can stimulate a large wave of love and energy within them but let’s face it, it’s not everything that they need to live as long as they are supposed to.

Is CBD good for dog?


It’s been recorded that problems like anxiety, phobias, skin and allergy issues, severe pain, joint and mobility issues due to the aging process, epilepsy and seizures are often suffered by dogs at some point or the other in their lifetime.

As natural as it is to the human body, they too can lead to fatal consequences. Researches have supported for the fact that humans can perhaps administer their CBD oil on their pets if they feel a need of it.

Reason being, there is a system in our body called the ‘Endocannabinoid’ or ECS. Now, this system is the one that looks after the processes like memory, sleep, immune response and so many other biological processes.

The ECS is, however, also responsible for the reception and interaction of naturally produced cannabinoid in our brains and the other ones which are derived from the plant (CBD). This ECS is also seen to be functioning in cats, dogs, and other mammals and that’s why we can be sure that your drop of CBD will also work on your dog.

Seizures and Epilepsy

There is recent study being conducted on the Colorado State University to find if CBD can be helpful in treating seizures and epilepsy in dogs.

The results showed that cannabis is significant in reducing the frequency of seizures in the epileptic dogs. It’s also known that over time, not only can CBD oil reduce the frequency of the seizures but also get rid of them, completely!

Lower Down Anxiety

Anxiety can be tough to tackle with. Even as humans we most often fail at dealing with our anxiety issues and end up doing something stupid or just feeling like an imbalanced body the whole time.

Dogs can have that too and since they can’t really talk about it, it can perhaps lead to depression very quickly. If your dog keeps chewing, urinating, pacing, and more, then he might be suffering from anxiety issues which need to be treated.

CBD can work on that for your pet and help him fight back and feel like a relaxed pup, again!

Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Arthritis can induce severe inflammation in the joint of your pet. This causes aching, pain and degenerative illness and that’s why he can’t keep up active all the day. CBD oil can give relief in that killing pain and make his joints all good again. Also, since it’s a pain reliever, it can also cut out various other chronic inflammations and support him in healing well.

Boost Appetite

It’s very common for your dog to just sniff its served food and leave it uneaten. More often than not, they are not willing to eat anything at all and it’s hard to find out why! The most common reason behind this is nausea which makes them feel like not eating anything and ultimately lose their appetite. CBD can help you alleviate that nauseate feeling out of your dog’s gut.


As lethal as it is for humans, cancer can also make your dog severely sick and sometimes, untreatable. Major symptoms of cancer can include all the diseases that are discussed above. These diseases generally are painful and CBD oil can make that pain go out for of your dog’s body. Administrating certain dosage of CBD oil every day can even kill cancer and prevent it coming to a healthy body.

How to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog

When it comes at administering CBD oil on your pet, it can get a little tricky especially if your pet is a picky eater. Dogs, in general, do not irk on the food and readily eat it.

CBD oil can be mixed with the food items or given directly in form of drops. Let’s have a look at different means of how you can get that drop inside your dog’s body.

Through Food

It’s pretty easy to mix a few drops of CBD with your dog’s food and even better, his favorite food so that he finishes it till the very last crumb of it. As usually the wet food is preferred, there is surety that the oil will get mixed well in the food.

Through Water

Mixing CBD oil in the water may not be as effective as the other methods. Reason being, first, it may not completely mix with the water in the bowl, causing the likelihood of your pet to intake it powering down.

you can give cbd oil to your dog through water

Second, mostly the pet does not drink all the water at one go. They just lick some of it from the bowl until the time they are thirsty again. This will not ensure that a proper dose is being taken by the dog as the water bowl may take as long as the whole day to get empty.

Also, mostly the oil is advised to be given twice a day and when there’s a risk with even one dose then 2 doses will perhaps not be successfully given to your pet.

This method can be used when your dog is just not willing to eat anything at all or he likes to drink a lot of water. However, there are good chances that he will not drink every drop of it, making this the least efficient method.


Putting the drops of CBD directly in your pet’s mouth can be the best yet the most tricky method if your pet doesn’t allow you to do so. Through this method, you can be very sure that your pet has got the exact amount of CBD he requires.

There’s no spilling or leaving out of any of it from the food or water. Some pets just trust their owners and let them out the medicine in their mouth quite easily.


Your pet experiences the moment of euphoria when he is treated with something of his choice when he does something good or is just good at the game he is playing.

These tricks are really rewarding for your pet and they always look forward to them. This is the right chance to put some CBD oil in their mouth.

The treats are always eaten happily and even if there’s some oil left on the plate from the treat, they will lick that too. All the oil is gone, isn’t it?


So if you’re considering getting yourself that CBD oil from the store, you can now think of many more reasons to buy it. It’s completely safe for them like it is for us and can bring a bundle of health benefits for your pet.

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