13 Simple Ways to Get Natural Highs

13 ways to get the natural high

Do you love the feeling of being high? Want to experience euphoria? Then Natural highs are the best! You don’t have to use unhealthy substances and can naturally experience the feeling of being high!

Unhealthy substances like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and coffee give you euphoria but at the same time harm you a lot. They are unnecessarily used. You can get that feeling naturally, as well!

13 Ways to Euphoric Naturally!

Here is the list of all  ways with full explanation.

 1.  Listening to Music

listening music to natural high

Music is such a form of art that gives you immense peace. It uplifts you and calms your inner self. Not just it’s sound but the lyrics as well can help in changing your mood. Music really moves you, it causes the release of endorphins which ultimately gives you the feeling of euphoria.

The more you feel connected to the music, the more you can observe the release of endorphins and more is your feeling of euphoria. It relieves you from the mental stress and depression which calms your inner self and gave you a euphoric feeling.

2. Eating Healthy Food

eating healthy food for natural high

Eating healthy food helps in getting an intellectual high which is basically due to the fibers and nutrients that it contains that gives a natural glow to your body and appearance. This natural glow is far better than any glow you would get from any cosmetic.

It caters you that natural high by a process. The process involves healthy food being converted into energy which gives you strength. Fatty, high sugar foods just cause the opposite. It doesn’t contain the fibers and minerals which are essential to nourish your body and give you strength. Healthy food shoo away your laziness and makes you energetic.

3. Euphoria

euphoria product for natural high

Euphoria is a nutraceutical formulation provided by Innovative Health Labs that gives you a complete euphoric feeling.

This product is specially designed to give you that lovey-dovey feeling along with natural highs. It is formulated with the specifically selected nutraceutical ingredients combined with terpenes that are proven from extensive research to provide a euphoric state of body and mind.

This bottle of 20ml available in “mint” flavor is a small wonder catering you with euphoria.

4. Take a Walk in Nature

walk for natural high

Living amidst nature is a bliss! Today people look for nature. Because this 9 to 5 job has restricted them to a small room with nothing just walls around. They find their solace in nature.

Looking at nature soothes your eyes and mind, and that is, in fact true, stroll around in a place like a beach or a park gives you fresh air that refreshes you. People, in fact, want to have their home nowadays near a beach or around greenery to have those peaceful strolls. This walking in nature has its own magnificence and the feeling it provides is no less than the feeling of being high!

5. Laugh Open Heartedly

laughing with friends for natural high

Have you laughed your heart out? Definitely, at least once you must have experienced it! How was that feeling? It is actually the feeling of natural high when you laugh until your stomach starts hurting and then you have to stop but at that moment you feel wonderful.

You can lift yourself up when not in a good mood by hanging around with your friends and laughing even on lame jokes. It will relieve your stress and you will like euphoria.

By laughing you actually are releasing endorphins which gives you that high feeling! So, if you were not laughing this way until now then do experience it, you would love this euphoric feeling.

6. Exercise

exercise for natural high

Exercising daily is a good practice not just for your health but giving you that natural highs as well! Exercising releases endorphins from the brain in a similar way as the drugs releases and gives you that euphoric feeling except for the fact that exercise that gives you a much purer feeling and followed by no depression or hangover! A natural high indeed.

7. Make Love

love for natural high

Making love is another practice to feel euphoria. Making love releases endorphins from the brain making your mood pleasant. The more the release of endorphins, the more euphoric you will feel.

8. Accomplish a Difficult Task

complete task for natural high

A big task is assigned to you. Deadline is coming near and you are not done yet. The fear of not able to complete your task on time is scaring you. But finally, you get to finish it at the last moment!

How did you feel when you accomplish then? Felt too good, right? Was it that feeling of being high? Yes. You felt too happy. The feeling that you don’t want to miss. The feeling of euphoria.

9. Get a Massage

massage for natural high

You surely have experienced how good it feels when you get a massage done! Relaxing your toes, hands, head or the complete body gives you great pleasures. Relaxing is nothing less than a natural high.

10. Imagine Your List of Dreams


List your dreams on a paper and imagine them thereafter. How do you feel when you start imagining your dreams? You feel so good and you step into a completely different world. That feeling is due to the release of endorphins which makes you high and you hallucinate about them.

Also, you could take it in another way that when you see your list of dreams, you aspire to fulfill them and then a sudden rush you feel, a high feeling that how happy you will be when it will be fulfilled!

11. Do Something Kind for Someone Who is in Need

do something kind for natural high

Whenever you do something selflessly you feel different. It has been found that when you help someone in their hour of need there is a release of endorphins from your brain.

It is because you have zero expectations from the other side still you do it. Even giving a penny to a homeless person, you observe this feeling which makes you feel better than ever.

12. Live in Present

live in present for natural high

Living in the present is the best. You have no guilt from your past and no worries for your future. At that stage, you feel at ease and euphoric. Living and enjoying what you have keeps you lively and free from worries and release of endorphins thereby increases.

13. Be confident and courageous

Be coinfident for natural high

Confidence gives you strength and natural highs. Showing courage is another such sign. Doing something successfully that you were once scared of, makes you so proud that there is a release of endorphins from your brain giving you natural highs!

Think of someone who has stage fright but he happens to deliver his speech successfully, he will have a feeling of natural high that will last for days even!


Natural highs are always the best. It won’t harm you and at the same time, you will feel great. Choose your way of euphoria because happiness and excitement are necessary to survive in this world when you have to encounter stress at every step.

Written By: Astha Garg

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