clinically tested cbd products


Innovative Health Labs is a brand fueled by scientific research and patent pending, proprietary organic compound formulations for a variety of health related issues. These are pure CBD crystal isolates which are created by world renowned scientists. These CBD oil products contain essential ingredients which are clinically tested for efficacy.

Innovative Health Labs has a team of scientists who are focused on these specific areas of research and development based on the view that natural biological medicines have an important and positive role to play in alleviating symptoms and assisting people in dealing with a variety of health related issues. And thus, we have come up with this range of pure CBD oil products and organic compounds. These patent-pending organic formulas and pure CBD crystal isolate are created with the highest quality organic compounds available and are so unique and revolutionary, patents were filed with the U.S. Government to protect IHL’s intellectual property.


IHL has discovered that certain natural compounds, including cannabidiol (“CBD”) derived from industrial hemp, when blended with specific terpenes and essential oils can create an entourage effect in the human body.  This entourage effect which is obtained from CBD oil, basically combines the power of each ingredient, while obtaining a leveraged effect due to the precise combination of ingredients.  The specific combinations of natural compounds, essential oils, terpenes, and pure CBD can deliver some remarkable therapeutic results when combined efficiently.  This is the basis behind all of IHL’s patent-pending formulations.

None of IHL’s proprietary products are in violation of the U.S. controlled substance act (USCSA).  IHL’s formulated products are superior to anything on the market as you will see throughout this website including independent test reports, indicating some of the highest CBD content ratios in the market, with 20mg of CBD per single milliliter, and Zero THC content. You can rely on our formulations and scientists and buy CBD oil products.



Our biological cultivation practices in selected farms throughout Italy starts with selecting the right seeds for the best industrial hemp.  Through decades of harvesting, the seeds for the most fertile and best yielding hemp plants have been discovered and are used today for growing the finest industrial hemp in the world.

This industrial hemp is grown on pedigree farms in the same regions in Italy where the best grapes are grown for some of the finest wines of the world, and also where the best olives are grown for superior olive oil.  These regions have the most conducive climate, soil and ambient temperatures to grow truly superior agricultural products, and a magnificent crop year over year.

The harvesting process incorporates traditional practices and World Health Organization guidelines for quality control with “good agricultural and collection practices” (GACP).

The CBD oil research and growing of the industrial hemp is done in conjunction with both, Departments of Medicine and Science at the University of Salerno, Italy.  Chief Researcher Giuseppe Bifulco, a student of Professor Rafael Mechoulam (the father of therapeutic Cannabis in Tel Aviv) heads up all the studies with his university team of researchers, resulting in new pharmaceutical specialties and a wide range of pure CBD oils.

IHL is proud to offer you nearly 99% Pure CBD Crystal Isolate with NO THC, processed by an alcohol extraction method from pedigree hemp biomass in ISO9001 Certified facilities while observing all “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP).

A talented team of professional scientists have succeeded in completely eliminating THC from hemp to produce CBD in its purest form and is certified non-GMO.  IHL’s CBD is greater than 99% Pure Crystal Isolates.

From the origins of the beautiful agricultural landscape in Italy, a variety of unique wellbeing formulations are created and manufactured exclusively for IHL’s customers.  These pure CBD crystal isolate formulations are the highest available in quality and purity.